New Plugin, New Features, New Success

Over the past few years of our development, we have met with many challenges and demands that we had to fulfill and give support for all our users. We have provided everyone free geo informations that otherwise costly everywhere in the world and in return we did not ask for anything other than trust and your help in further development. In past 4 years, we have built a system that provides mostly accurate information for the world’s largest countries, but we have not circumvented any of smaller countries and we are still working to improve that the whole world is covered 24/7. We invested about $ 60,000 to develop this system and we gave free geo information to everyone all the time for the past 4 years.

Will CF Geo Plugin still be free?

This question has 2 answers – Yes! and No!

The WordPress plugin what we offered before was free and we were charging some advanced features with a symbolic price of $32 in order to recover a small portion of the money we invested. In order to be able to maintain servers, our services, fresh databases, future development, etc. we have to cover our costs in any way we know. That’s why we created the most favorable price list for our services in the world.

Many similar services, like ours, sell their services in various ways, and when annual capital is invested in these services, the final price is very high. Of course, these services also have their benefits and provide sometimes more information than us, but for those who want something simpler and more favorable with the same accuracy, then the price is a big problem. That’s why we decided to offer you 4 packages created so that they are accessible to every pocket at the prices of one coffee or some lunch in the restaurant. Of course, there are more expensive packages, but they are created for business users.

If you want to use the plugin for free, you will also have some restrictions. One of the restrictions is the number of IP lookup per site limited to 300 lookups (300 visitors) per day. After you reach limits, our API will stop provide geo informatios for that day and next day you will have again 300 lookups available. This is good for all small websites who are at the beginning of their careers or in development. But as you grow, you need to be unlimited.

Who Have Lifetime Unlimited Access?

In order to provide gratitude to all those who helped us in the past, who have ordered the PRO version of the plugin, we decided to provide lifetime support and access to all our services for free. This applies only to sites where was installed the paid license for the PRO plugin between years 2015 and 2018. Each new site must use the services according to the new price list and services.


Maybe this will disappoint someone, perhaps someone made happy, but the time has come for change. We have plan to develop and provide new options, new services in the near future, increase data accuracy and develop new ideas, but we can only do it with your help.

Ivijan-Stefan Stipić

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