How to include CF GeopPlugin in PHP?

In PHP you can use WordPress function do_shortcode()


<?php echo do_shortcode('[cf_geo return="city"]'); ?>

or directly using PHP class:

    // include plugin class
     $cf_geo = new CF_Geoplugin;
     // get data
     $geo = $cf_geo->get();
     // print data
     echo $geo->city;

You are free to decide what method is best for you to use.

Later you can use data like:

$country = strtoupper($geo->country_code);
if(in_array($country, ['US','UK']) !== false)
    echo 'Hello World';
else if(in_array($country, ['DE','GB']) !== false)
    echo 'Hallo Wereld';
    echo 'Hakuna Matata';


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