How does Geo Controller works?

Geo Controller search IP address of any visitor on your website and using advanced A.I. (artificial intelligence) algorithm return geo informations for that IP address.  Geo Controller give you informations like:

  • IP
  • IP Version
  • DNS
  • DNS Host
  • DNS Provider
  • City
  • Region/State
  • Country
  • Country code
  • Continent
  • Continent code
  • Address
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Timezone
  • Locale
  • Currency
  • Currency Symbol
  • Currency Converter
  • Base currency
  • Base currency symbol
  • Is VAT
  • Standard VAT Rate
  • Is EU
  • Current date and time
  • Host name
  • Host IP
  • Country Flag

…and this informations you can always use anywhere you need.

All Geo Controller features are:

  • Geo Plugin – Allows you to attach geographical information inside your content via Shortcodes, PHP and JavaScript objects
  • Geo Banner – Allows you to place dynamic content, images, videos and pages using shortcodes for specfic audience target by geo location
  • Google Map – Allows you to attach Google Map inside content
  • Get Tag – Allows you to generate precise Geo Tags for your pages and custom posts
  • Anti Spam Protection – Allows you to block acces on blog from spam IP addresses and specific geo locations
  • Cloudflare Geolocation Support – Cloudflare support for visitor geolocation
  • DNS Lookup – Allows you to attach visitor DNS informations
  • SSL Support – Keep you safe
  • Cache Support – Allow other cache plugins to be integrated and supported
  • PROXY Settings – Allows you to use PROXY for the lookup
  • SEO Redirection – Allows you to redirect any page, post or article
  • Country Flag Support – Allows you to attach visitor or custom country flags inside content
  • Include Content by Geolocation – Allows you to include content by geolocation
  • Exclude Content by Geolocation – Allows you to exclude content by geolocation
  • Plugin Autoupdate – Allows you to keep your plugin up to date automaticaly
  • REST API – Allows you to become geo information provider

Google Maps

You are able to insert Google Maps anywhere on your site with simple shortcodes. Google Maps by default working automatically based on user location but you can easy customize Google Maps and use where you want.


Geo Controller allow you WooCommerce integrations where you are able to bring content, products, prices and payment methods closer to your customers.

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