Currency options

This settings gives you new option inside WooCommerce General Settings under Currency options where you can setup currency conversion options and display converted price next to regular price.

How this work?

The Geo Controller within WooCommerce Currency Options adds new fields where you can define automatic currency conversion based on the visitor’s location.

Available fields

  • Currency conversion options
    • This select box define how currency will be displayed:
      • Show original price only
      • Show converted price only
      • Show original and converted price
      • Show converted and original price
  • Convert to round price
    • This checkbox enable price to be a round (convert float number to integer)
  • Round price option
    • This select box define how the price will be rounded:
      • Round up
      • Round nearest
      • Round down
  • Currency converter adjust
    • In this input you can put the number in percent (%) to regulate converted price. (This will increase price by ##%)
  • Not convert in wp-admin
    • This checkbox will prevent price conversion inside wp-admin section. If you disable this checkbox, you will see price conversion also inside wp-admin section.