Endpoint used to authenticate connection between CF Geo Plugin on your site and your external app.

Expected GET or POST parameters.

actionstringrequiredEndpoint action. Should always be: cf_geoplugin_authenticate
api_keystringrequiredAPI KEY
secret_keystringrequiredSecret API KEY
app_namestringrequiredYour external application name.

Return standard JSON API response format:
    "error" : false,
    "error_message" : NULL,
    "code" : 200,
    "access_token" : " - generated access token - ",
    "message" : "Successful Authentication"
errorbooltrue / false
error_messagestringReturn only when error exists
codeintegerHTTP status code
access_tokenstringReturn access token only when authentication is successful
messagestringReturn only when authentication is successful

When you receive your access token, you need to save it in a database or integrate it within the code in your external app and it serves for further linking to your site.

How to control access token?

That is simple. Just go to “Available Tokens” tab into REST API settings and you will see all your connected aps.