Increase Conversions In Virginia Attaching Geographical Informations To WordPress By Using Shortcodes With CF GeoPlugin.

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What is CF GeoPlugin?

CF GeoPlugin is FREE plugin which allows you to attach geographic information to posts, pages, widgets and custom templates by using shortcodes and user IP address. It also lets you to specify a default geographic location for your entire WordPress blog.

Geo plugin can accurately locate any user information via our new API version 5.2.0. All these information are unique and we always try to expand our API and give you more accurate results. We are always dedicated to your needs.

With CF GeoPlugin you get CF Geo Defender. With CF Geo Defender you can block the access from the specific country, state, region and city to your site realy safe and easy. This feature does not affect to SEO and other site functionality and also prottect wp-admin area.


CF GeoPlugin has a lot of benefits. One of the most common benefits are personal user experience and increasing confidence and trust. When you see some content pointed to your needs you have a good feeling. Also with this plugin you get a better SEO result and excellent conversion.

  • Personal User Experience, Increasing Confidence & Trusts 100%
  • Boost Website Conversion 99%
  • Increasing SEO Rank 98%

*CF GeoPlugin Is FREE WordPress Plugin Open For Any Use. You Also Have Premium Version But Details Of That Are Inside Plugin Settings.


Here is the example how CF GeoPlugin sees you on the internet:

Your IP adrress is (IPv4), internet provider which means that you are comming from Ashburn, Virginia, United States. Your timezone is America/New_York in America (NA). Your latitude is 39.0481 and longitude -77.4728. We get all of this information in 0.0043150000000001 microseconds.

These geographic information Is provided by CF GeoPlugin**

**Some countries do not provide all information via IP and some providers use PROXY which can made this records inaccurate or some information missing. We work to bypass that but on this moment CF GeoPlugin has arround 95-98% of accuracy in all countries. America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and other bigger countries have arround 97-100% of accuracy.

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